Monday, April 5, 2010

challenge four

Thanks to all who participated in the last challenge. It was really difficult for me, as I think you can see by several things I kind of gave up on. Like, the girl at the juke box has an alien head. Like the way I just kind of gave up in the lower left hand corner and pretty much the entire left side, as a matter of fact. I'm thinking I might have better luck if I get started on a project sooner than the day it's due to be finished.

I hope you have fun with this next challenge, I think I'll enjoy painting it much better than the last, although I think I've said that each time a new challenge has come around. A bit brighter, a bit shinier, and a much clearer photo than the last.

Good luck!

**edited to add that once again I've forgotten to post the deadline. The deadline for challenge four is midnight, Monday, April 26th.

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