Monday, June 28, 2010

challenge eight

Deja vu, right? If this looks familiar to you, that's mainly because this is the same type arrangement of fruit we painted for the first challenge of three oranges. I had three photos to choose from for this challenge and both my husband and daughter chose this one, unbeknownst to the other what selection the other had made, so I thought it being a two for two selection, how could we go wrong?

It seems like everyone is painting cherries these days, and I suppose that has everything to do with what is in season at the market. My husband thinks I have a thing for food, and while he's absolutely correct, me choosing fruits and such has everything to do with color and shape as opposed to how much I like to eat them.

Enjoy! Challenge eight submissions are due Monday, July 19th.

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  1. Just discovered this blog!!! LOVE IT!!!! im totally going to participate!!!