Tuesday, June 28, 2011

challenge 25

Once again I've relied on my stash of old photos to provide a challenge. I have to say I've always liked this photo but never considered painting it until now. It's high on drama and although there's plenty of detail available, I'm counting on using the squint method to allow me to practice with my oils and not go too crazy trying to get every crack in each tree.

Enjoy, as always! Challenge twenty-five is due by midnight Monday, August 15th.


  1. Jen, what a great idea for a blog. I would love to start participating. Not to be a pain, but is there a way to get a larger-format photo? When I save this one, it is only 20 kb and very, very tiny. Feel free to email me a response at ahackman@columbus.rr.com. Thanks so much and look forward to those trees.

  2. If anyone else would like a larger picture of the tree sent to them, please email me or leave a comment here with your email addy and I'll send it out. I simply copied and pasted the photo into a word document and then stretched it larger. If you would like one, let me know! ;)