Tuesday, November 8, 2011

challenge 30

So I'm kind of cheating this time around. This is a still life I set up for my painting class and I started painting it yesterday. I usually keep what I'm painting in class and these challenges separate, but my instructor kindly suggested I set something up there and take a shot of it for a challenge, which I totally took advantage of.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated and continues to participate in our little challenges!

Challenge 30 is due by midnight, Monday, November 28th.


  1. Jen, Is there some kind of special lighting used on this? It already looks soft and somewhat painterly. A beautiful image! I may try to do this one.

  2. Maggie, I really don't know about the lighting other than to say that in the studio, each artist has their own set up, complete with a lamp with some type of filter on it. I shot it with my digital camera with the low-light no flash setting.

  3. Thanks for the reply! A beautiful photo, inspiring some beautiful paintings. : )