Tuesday, January 17, 2012

challenge 33

So sue me. I couldn't decide. I bought this little creamer for $3.99 before Christmas and I've been dying to use it for a painting ever since. I wasn't for sure what to style it with, so I tried out a single white rose but it was much too granny. Not that thread, my second choice, isn't granny, but it lends itself to being a bit more contemporary, no?

Anyway. Just a quick note before I jet out of here...A friendly reminder to please remember to include all the information you would like posted along with your rendering of any current challenge within your email. I don't hold onto old challenge emails or participant's information at all, so it would really help to cut down on having to go back and forth to a painting that's already been posted.

Now that the business has been taken care of...On to the reason we're all here. Paint one, paint all or paint none, it's up to you of course. (But I hope you paint at least one!)

Challenge 33 is due by midnight, Monday, February 6th.



  1. That little creamer is so cute! Just like a little puppy dog standing around wagging its tail!

  2. Excited to find your website! Hope I get around to doing some of your challenges!

  3. Ok I see I'm one day late, but no matter I'll try it anyway.. will wait for the next one..