Wednesday, February 29, 2012

challenge 35

Yay! We're back to "simple" fruit again! And if you noticed my unfinished painting from the last challenge, you'll understand no one is perhaps more relieved than I. I say "simple" fruit because the apple in the last challenge took around seven hours alone. I kept working it and reworking it and in the process, completely overworking it, which is something I shouldn't do with a painting that has a deadline. But it is a painting I will complete, as it is intended as a wedding gift for a wedding that occurred this past Saturday. Oops.

So back to the pears. Quite dramatic, don't you think? There have been some paintings lately that I've noticed (I would link to them but I haven't asked permission as of yet and so I don't feel right doing so) have a certain super dramatic flair to them, they are in mimic of old master paintings; including such things as bread, wine, grapes, etc. Mostly I've noticed the dark, mysterious backgrounds, obviously painted out first and then simple strokes of color suggesting subjects hidden partially in shadow. I want to do that too. Hopefully, some of you will play along!

Challenge 35 submissions are due by midnight Monday, March 19th.

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