Tuesday, October 18, 2011

challenge 29

So I couldn't decide between photographs this time around. It was down to two, the one above and the one below. I think the last challenge made me aware that I just might be, in fact, that drunk girl at karaoke who thinks she can take on any Kelly Clarkson song. Meaning, I get tired of painting fruit. I get tired of painting fruit a lot. So I chose to paint something I thought looked cool, the Godiva pink truffles. And while not drunk, I guess I thought because I had taken a few lessons I was ready to tackle all that reflected foil goodness in the challenge photo. So again, for the record, while not drunk, I was completely overconfident in my abilities (thus far!) and posted a photo without really thinking it through. I can tell you that there weren't ten seconds that passed between me snapping a shot of that monstrosity and chucking it in the trash. I didn't even want to save the canvas to paint over someday.

And so, here we are, back with fruit. There was absolutely NO sun today whatsoever and all I had was my actual fruit bowl on my table with filtered light. But alas, I couldn't choose between the two shots, so I decided to give myself and you a choice of which to paint for this challenge. And while I was already second guessing myself between the two shots, I thought, "Maybe everyone else doesn't want to paint a weirdly cropped thingy like I do" and so I've included a third shot of the entire bowl. So paint whichever you like, or none at all!

Challenge 29 is due by midnight, November 7th.

And the third shot:
(which I think looks a bit alien-like)

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